• Soda Blasting safely removes paint from fiberglass, aluminum, and sheet metal without the surface damage typically associated with other abrasive blasting media such as sand. Soda blasting will not remove rust or a build up of body filler.
  • The pictures you are looking at, shows the restoration of a brick building in Wooster Ohio that was built in 1890.   
  • A-1 Soda Blasting - Restoring a tractor or piece of equipment. Let us strip the paint and rust off so you can repaint it back to new condition.   
  • Stainless steel restaurant equipment can be restored to like new condition with soda blasting. It is food grade safe and biodegradable.
  • We use coal slag and other media for heavy metal restoration. We remove mill scale on new fabrications and remove paint and rust from the surface of used equipment.  
  • These images show wood horse stalls that were cleaned with soda.  
  • We provide priming and painting services to your equipment after the blasting process is complete.